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The following is a list of musical works, which are examples of those written to the glory of St Cecilia (St Caecilia) from around 600 AD until the present day. It should be noted where, in the list, alternative spellings of composers’ surnames are provided, where this applies, this is to facilitate search engines accessing this page:

Year of

Composer Title of Work Comments   Recording Sample
600 Anon. Sacramentarium Leoniam A collection of masses completed about the end of the fifth century - in fact, no less than five different masses are found in honor of Cecilia. These are believed to be completed by Romans of the time.  
1570 di Lasso, Orlando Cantantibus Organis Caecilia Virgo Approx Year of Composition  
1580 da Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi Missa di Santa Cecilia (Missa cantantibus organis) In around 1580, Rome’s most important musicians joined forces in the Compagnia dei Musici di Roma under the patronage of the Pope. This composition, a twelve-part mass for Cecilia, the patron saint of church music and of the Compagnia, is the work of six composers including Stabile, Soriano, Dragoni, Giovanelli, Santini, Mancini. A Palestrina motet for St. Cecilia was taken as a theme which each composer was invited to elaborate as part of the Mass. With so many collaborators keen to demonstrate their compositional prowess, the result is a magnificent example of Renaissance vocal music.  
1599 Holborne, Anthony The Cecilia Almain Date of publication as part of a set of Almains  
1675 Charpentier, Marc-Antoine In honorem Caeciliae, Valeriani et Tiburtij canticum H.394 3 voices, 2 treble instruments and continuo  
1677 Charpentier, Marc Antoine Caecilia virgo et martyr octo vocibus H.397 For soloists, double chorus, double orchestra and continuo  
1683 Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Caecilia, Virgo et Martyr H.413 For soloists, chorus and 2 treble instruments. The year of composition is only approximate, as it was written for Marie de Lorraine, Duchesse de Guise, whom Charpentier served between 1672 and 1688. The style is influenced by Giacomo Carissimi, who also influenced other works and oratorios.   Listen to recording extract on this website - click here to access
1683 Purcell, Henry Laudate Caeciliam  
1683 Purcell, Henry Welcome to all the pleasures Written for the 1683 St Cecilia celebrations  
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